Lead Activists

Becoming a Lead Activist

Youth4Ed is recruiting Lead Activists from high schools across the nation to pioneer service-learning projects that support educational equity. NYLC will provide training and resources and in turn, Lead Activists will create a school or afterschool-based Youth4Ed club to investigate, plan and execute a service-learning project over the course of one year, after which they will share their experiences with other leaders in a digital forum.

In fighting for education equity, we hope to form a fair education system for all Americans. By empowering young people to fight for their communities, rather than imposing change, we are encouraging students to learn about their realities and enabling them to spur change from within. Service-learning is the best path towards education equity because it empowers young people to transform their communities deliberately in partnership with adults.

Each Lead Activist will create a club at their school or within an afterschool program in partnership with an adult mentor. NYLC will provide promotional materials, webinar training sessions, and our “Youth4Ed Take Action Tool-Kit.” The timeline below is based on the IPARD model: Investigate, Plan, Act, Reflect and Demonstrate. In the first quarter, Lead Activists will engage their peers and community in discussions of inequity and its manifestations in their community. Next, you will plan a service project to address a root cause of inequity. In the third quarter, you will implement the plan. The final quarter is a reflection period to evaluate the impact, learning, and sustainability. After each quarter, the Lead Activist will submit a reflection and NYLC will provide feedback and resources. At the end of the period, the Lead Activist will produce a culminating report detailing the service to be shared on a digital forum with other Lead Activists from across the country. After the year-long term, Lead Activist retain Youth4Ed resources, access to webinars, and communications with the leadership team, along with their title. 

What is education equity?

Education equity is the belief that everyone deserves a quality education, regardless of their race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, or any other trait. It is the belief that education should be undiscriminating and provided to everyone.

Timeline for the 2020 Term

  • Quarter 1: Investigation (January 1 - February 28)
  • Quarter 2: Planning & Preparation (March 1 - April 30)
  • Quarter 3: Action (May 1 - October 31)
  • Quarter 4: Reflection & Demonstration (November 1 - December 15)
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What are the Responsibilities of a Lead Activist?

  1. Create a Youth4Ed club in your community in partnership with an adult advisor
  2. Complete a service-learning project to address education equity in your community
  3. Complete a reflection after each quarter:
    • Quarter 1: Investigation (Due: February 31)
    • Quarter 2: Planning & Preparation (Due: April 31)
    • Quarter 3: Action (Due: October 31)
    • Quarter 4: Reflection & Demonstration (Due: December 15)
    • This timeline follows NYLC's service-learning trajectory, the IPARD cycle. Download the IPARD Cycle guide to learn more!
  4. Attend/watch the Introductory Youth4Ed Webinars
  5. Meet with the Youth Advisory Council to discuss your progress half-way through the year
  6. Create a final presentation of your service-learning project and present it to other Lead Activists

What is the IPARD cycle?

IPARD stands for Investigation, Planning & Preparation, Action, Reflection, and Demonstration. NYLC follows this cycle to ensure each service-learning program is effective and fulfilling. Download the IPARD guide to learn more!

Apply now! Applications will be accepted on a monthly basis.