Youth Leadership Training

Youth Leadership Training

NYLC offers young people effective and engaging training in schools and community-based organizations. We have more than 35 years of youth leadership development experience, providing young people opportunities — whether they are just getting started in service-learning, sharpening their focus on education equity, or strengthening communities through youth leadership. NYLC staff develop trainings that match the needs of young people.


Annual National Youth Leadership Training

For decades, NYLC has hosted a summer camp that powers the next generation of leaders. Racism, classism, and oppression affect everyone, but young people are among the most vulnerable. The National Youth Leadership Training gives young people the support and resources to address these issues – and make meaningful change happen.

Learn more about this foundational youth leadership event.


Youth Leadership Consulting and Training

Leading Yourself, Leading Others, Leading the Community
5-hour youth training

This interactive training develops the leadership of youth participants to create positive change in their communities. In addition to learning about leadership styles and effective group collaboration, participants will understand how to put their leadership skills to use.

Goals of the Training:
Students feel empowered as leaders to make change in their communities.
Students build community with other students.
Students can identify and address the root causes of issues in their communities.
Students set goals and determine how to measure success of their service experiences.


Speakers and Presentations

Engage NYLC for your next conference or event. We provide keynote addresses, presentations, and workshop sessions on topics including:

youth leadership,
civic engagement through service-learning,
youth and adult partnerships, and
youth voice.

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