Youth Leadership Training

Youth Leadership Training

Inspiring leadership, confidence, and contribution

NYLC believes in the power of young people. Every day, we partner with youths and educators to realize our mission to drive student engagement through service-learning. NYLC develops young leaders by providing leadership opportunities, training, and resources to address issues that matter to them. With passion, creativity, and ingenuity, young people are changing the world.

About Our Youth Leadership Training

NYLC equips young people – particularly those who have not previously had opportunities for leadership – with skills for community action through a series of activities that explore identity and equity, rooted in social and emotional learning. Our trainings provide hands-on learning through simulations on the intersectionality of race, class, ethnicity, and geography, explorations of personal leadership styles and cultural backgrounds, and action-planning for assessments leading to addressing community needs. Participants apply their learnings to action-planning. Key to this leadership development is an inquiry process that sparks creativity and social and emotional learning including:

  • Empowerment – contribution to community
  • Positive Values – caring, equality and justice, and responsibility
  • Positive Identity – personal power, self-esteem, sense of purpose, positive view of the future
  • Social Competencies – planning and decision-making, cultural competencies, peaceful conflict resolution

Young People Gain:

  • The ability to work together with people of all backgrounds
  • Allies to support leadership development and service-learning action plans
  • The tools and knowledge to create equitable change in their communities
  • Motivation to take action for the common good


  • Listen to different perspectives and personal experiences
  • Engage in meaningful leadership activities
  • Experience discomfort by pushing boundaries, from team-building to conversations about power and privilege
  • Speak truth about their own stories, recognizing their knowledge and expertise

Adults Gain:

  • Inspiration to work actively with their communities
  • Professional development in fostering youth voice and leadership
  • Exposure to working with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
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