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Engage Service-Learning Handbooks

Presented by NYLC with support from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, this series of Engage handbooks (elementary, middle, and high school levels) is designed to help youth workers bring service-learning to afterschool programs in approximately 15 one-hour sessions. The books begin with an overview of the practice, then take facilitators through a series of experiential sessions that highlight youth voice and leadership. Each session begins with an energizer activity tied to the content of the session, and ends with a reflection -- often in the form of an "exit ticket". By the end of the experience, young people will have acted on issues of importance to them through a deliberative inquiry-based process.


Complementing this series of Engage books are resource guides topically focused on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Middle and high school students move through an exploration of the topics, strengthen group dynamics through team-building activities, explore needs in their communities, and discover resources before taking action. The session plans are designed to take approximately an hour and span 14 sessions, by which point young people will have not only taken action, but also shared their experiences with others.


Visit our online store to download the elementary school, middle school, or high school handbooks, along with the Peace-Building and Education Equity guides.



Teen Driver Safety Best Practices Student Toolkit

Start saving lives today. This toolkit, developed in partnership with students from around the country, is a free curriculum guide for service-learning projects focused on teen driver safety. Support for this resource was provided by NHTSA, a proud sponsor of NYLC’s long-running initiative, Project Ignition.

9/11 Day: A Service-Learning Toolkit

How can a service-learning make an impact in just one day? In the spirit of unity we felt so strongly after 9/11, this toolkit is the premier guide to achieving meaningful service with real academic outcomes — in just a matter of hours. This resource was made possible by our partners at 9/11 Day.

If you'd like to promote your school's 9/11 Day event, download the official 9/11 day logo here.


Lift: Raising the Bar for Service-Learning Practice

The K-12 Service-Learning Standards for Quality Practice come to life in extensive videos and downloadable resources that follow three schools through their own service-learning experiences, illustrating how the Standards are integrated and essential to the implementation of a service-learning curriculum.


The Four Stages of Service-Learning

The Four Stages of Service-Learning is a dynamic process that is a proven to guide educators through the implementation of service-learning with students.

Download the PDF: 4_stages_of_service-learning.pdf


The IPARD Process for Service-Learning

IPARD is the student-centered inquiry process for service-learning. It is one of the Four Stages in the service-learning.

Download the PDF: ipard.pdf


Indicators of Meaningful Service

In order for service-learning projects to be successful, they must be meaningful to the community and everyone involved. This quick checklist will help you determine what's meaningful about your service-learning project.

Download the PDF: meaningful-service.pdf


Reflection - Your Role

Part of designing a service-learning project is determining your role in your community, and what you bring to your team. This reflection guide will help you better understand how to meet the needs of your community.

Download the PDF: Reflection-YourRole.pdf


Service-Learning - in Arabic

In partnership with Qatar Foundation International, we are proud to offer service-learning resources for the first time ever in Arabic! Dive in and start service-learning today.