Project Ignition

Project Ignition

Project Ignition addresses teen-driver safety issues and empowers youth to lead campaigns that make measurable differences in their schools, their communities, and beyond. It is founded on a service-learning strategy that embeds the topic of teen-driver safety more deeply within a school/afterschool programs and makes connections to academic goals.


Changing Teen Driver Behavior

Driven by research and more than ten years of experience, Project Ignition has engaged teens across the country to create change. The impact is profound. The experiences are emotional. The lessons are unforgettable. Car crashes remain the number one cause of death for adolescents. Project Ignition students address this fact by working in teams, creating budgets and timelines, and reaching out to engage schools and Afterschool programs with community partners. They bring people together — and they’re saving lives.

This initiative is supported by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In partnership with NHTSA, Project Ignition students are working to effectively increase seat-belt usage among teens — a safety precaution that is proven to save lives in motor vehicle accidents.


Grant Announcement

The National Youth Leadership Council, in partnership with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, is launching a multi-year program dedicated to working with young people around the country to identify best practices to increase seatbelt usage in their community.

Qualities of Successful Schools/Afterschool programs:

• A team of youth and adults committed to work in partnership to make change in their school and community
• Organized, responsive, and dedicated
• Committed to work WITH their identified community and national experts to bring positive change
• Committed to improving teen driver safety and increase seatbelt usage in their larger community


  • Attendance at fall 2019 Youth Leadership Training & Kick-off Meeting
  • Submission of project plan
  • Quarterly progress reports
  • Participation in monthly professional development trainings
  • Participation in National Teen Driver Safety Week


Complete a service-learning project focused on increasing seatbelt usage in the community
Document work through online membership portal
Work in collaboration with NYLC to connect with local and national experts to expand the impact of your project
Opportunity to attend the National Service-Learning Conference and present best practices
Attend fall 2019 kick-off training


Monthly professional development for teachers and students on high-quality service-learning
Opportunity to attend two and a half day fall kick-off training (airfare and hotel included).
$1,000 stipend to implement the project in your community in the 2019-2020 school year
Project Ignition banner for your school/organization
Opportunity to attend the National Service-Learning Conference in 2020
National recognition by the National Youth Leadership Council and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Application Opens May 1, 2019

Notifications will be emailed to Adult Contact Lead by June 5, 2019.

Contact for more information.

Teen Driver Safety Best Practices Toolkit

This free curriculum was created by and for students and educators. Use it to start saving lives today.