Afterschool Service-Learning

Afterschool Service-Learning

Statewide Afterschool Network Support

Through funding provided by Charles Stewart Mott Foundation, NYLC provides service-learning grants, technical supports, & trainings to Statewide Afterschool Networks.

Networks expand, develop, or implement service-learning for afterschool programs in their state with a goal that service-learning will become a sustainable and systematic part of afterschool learning.

Statewide Afterschool Networks have:

  • Hosted a three-day training with afterschool professionals and youth focused on how to develop and implement service-learning programs and how to engage youth authentically in the process. (Oregon)
  • Facilitated a conversation with state leaders on how to develop and sustain service-learning in their state. (Tennessee)
  • Implemented a two-day training with educators to develop rigorous service-learning experiences with youth. (Rhode Island)
  • Piloted a state-wide program connecting service-learning to careers of the future. (Oregon)
  • Curated service-learning resources as well as access to NYLC’s online service-learning course to support their understanding of the development and implementation of quality service-learning in afterschool programs in their state. (All)

Afterschool Partners Include:

  • OregonAsk

  • Michigan Afterschool Partnership

  • New Jersey School-Age Care Coalition

  • Pennsylvania Statewide Afterschool/Youth Development Network

  • Tennessee Afterschool Network

  • Georgia Statewide Afterschool Network

  • Massachusetts Afterschool Partnership


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