Organizational Memberships

Organizations preparing for or implementing service-learning programming

$499/YR plus blocks of 5 additional Members at 33% off

  Total cost of $1,284 which includes Primary Contact + 5 Premium Members

  Total cost of $2,489 which includes Primary Contact + 10 Premium Members

Larger groups- call for a quote



  • Premium Benefits for the Primary Contact
  • Premium Benefits for Associated Members (assigned by the Primary Contact within the same organization)
  • Cost savings over registering individually, plus extra benefits for the organization:
  • 10% Discount on Contracted Training & Customized Courses
  • 10% Discount on Youth Event Registrations for your students
  • 10% Discount on Merchandise in the Online Store (Coming Soon)

Select your type

K-12 Institution Annual Membership

Examples: K-12 Schools and School Districts


Organization or Program Annual Membership

Examples: Community-based organizations, nonprofits, NGO's, afterschool and out of school programs 


Higher Ed Institution Annual Membership

Examples: Colleges, Universities, Academic Centers


Not sure what's best?

Organizational memberships save you money and are more convenient than registering separately when there are 6 or more from the same organization. Example: An Organization with a block of 5 accounts= 6 Premium accounts for $1,284. Compare to 6 x $299 if registering individually. Save over $500! Plus one invoice and centralized account management. Choose preset memberships with 5 or 10 associates; for more than 10, contact us.  Compare all options.

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