Welcome to the NYLC Blog!

Over the past several decades, many voices have expressed their opinion on how young people contribute to society. Parents, educators, community members, elected officials, and youth themselves have weighed in on this issue. Given that these opinions are so diverse, the issues so large, and the impact incalculable, the need to represent these voices in one place has never been greater.

This is the beginning of a blog where young people matter, and those who believe that youth have the capacity to lead can share their thoughts and opinions. With creative and thoughtful staff, partners, participants, and stakeholders from diverse constituencies, this forum will bring together insightful and current thinking on youth development, education reform, service-learning, and more.

I encourage you to join in the conversation by sharing and commenting on posts, or contributing as a guest author yourself. To be the first to read new posts, please also subscribe to our blog by clicking on the orange icon at the upper right.

I am thrilled to see what our contributors are thinking and to share my own thoughts as well. I hope you are too!

Kelita Bak
CEO, National Youth Leadership Council