Confidence, Reassurance, and Hope

At first I was skeptical. I hated flying, and I had never been to Minnesota (or anywhere close to it). People who had attended National Youth Leadership Training before me tried convince me that I had nothing to worry about because it was fun, but still had my doubts.

But despite my skepticism, by the end of the week I was sad it was over. The friends I had made were friends I would undoubtedly have for years, the skills I had gained were skills I never thought I could channel, and the knowledge I attained pertaining to the achievement gap was knowledge I knew would help me make a difference in my local community.

This camp is so important, for more reasons than I can count. Connecting with other like-minded kids from across the country who, like you, have a strong desire to participate in service-learning projects can really give you that extra motivation you need to go out and make a change.

This camp was important to me personally because it helped me find the courage to be open with people I had never met. In just one week, I was comfortable sharing my life story with people that used to be complete strangers. This camp gives kids, including myself, confidence in themselves, reassurance in their service-learning efforts, and hope in that there are people like them across the country trying to make their communities better. 

The things I took away from NYLT have better equipped me to reach my service-learning and even my personal goals. I can't stress enough how crucial NYLT is for the development of youth dedicated to service-learning and the communities that these dedicated youth call home. 

NYLT would be nothing without the support of its partners. So please, give as much as you can. We can't do this without you!

Kris Brown attended the National Youth Leadership Training in 2012, and now serves as an NYLC Youth Advisory Council member. To donate to NYLC on Give to the Max Day, November 15, visit