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Something to Be Thankful For

November 26, 2014

Last week, NYLC celebrated Thanksgiving. After eating together, we traced our hands to make turkeys – yes, you read that correctly – and wrote down the things we were thankful for this year. Each person shared one item from their list, and there were many of the usual suspects: family, friends, health, and so on.

When her turn came up, Alyssa Kruzel, Youth Initiatives Promise Fellow at NYLC, shared responses from our Youth Advisory Council. Our national YAC obviously couldn’t fly in just to eat lunch with us, so it was a welcome surprise to hear they’d been asked what they were thankful for. Their responses? They were thankful for opportunities to lead, to encounter others who want to change the world for the better, to work together to make that change. They were thankful for NYLC and for the YAC.

We could bore you with details of the unique foods different staff brought to the potluck (like those pictured here), or the group games we played before the day was over. But if there's one takeaway from our time together to give thanks, it's what these young people said. They were thankful to be heard. They were thankful to have something to say. They were thankful for us, and for one another. For us at NYLC, there's no better motivation than a reminder that the work we do with young people every day is something others are thankful for. There's no doubt we are too.

New Staff, New Energy

November 18, 2014

We here at NYLC are thrilled to welcome and formally announce the addition of several new staff members to the team.

Youth Voice Needs to Be Heard, and Nothing Speaks Louder than Service-Learning

November 18, 2014

If you told me two years ago I would be co-chairing the youth committee at the National Service-Learning Conference, I would probably have answered something along the lines of “What is service-learning?”

I think that is why I am so excited to be doing this. I realized two years ago, with the help of my mentor Tiffany Searles and best friend Jill Farina, that I have been doing service-learning my whole life. If there is anything I learned since my first conference in the Mile High City of Denver is that youth voice needs to be heard and that nothing speaks louder than service-learning. That is what sparked my fire.

Meet the YAC: Katy Dolan

November 13, 2014

Get to know NYLC’s 2014 – 2016 Youth Advisory Council through the blog series: Meet the YAC. We believe you will enjoy getting to know this outstanding group of young people, just as much as we do.

Young leaders like Katy need your support to shine. The 2014 Minnesota Give to the Max Day is today, Nov. 13consider using your charitable contributions to further the mission of and raise the platform for our entire Youth Advisory Council to make change in their communities and the world. 

Katy Dolan, a freshman at Harvard University in Cambridge, Mass., believes strongly in the power of youth voice and service. Her passion for these topics formed at an early age. At fifteen years old, she founded her own nonprofit, LETEM Play, “which works to make music accessible to low-income students in my hometown of Spokane, Washington, and soon in a few other communities across the country as we begin to expand”, said Dolan.

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