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How It All Fits Together

January 20, 2015

Over Thanksgiving break I was explaining to my family the mission and programs of NYLC. Or, at least I was trying to. After I had referenced pedagogy, coscientização, and education versus schooling in under three minutes, my fine-tuned powers of sensitivity picked up that I was not getting through (read: my sister told me). I was talking in a different language about something my family has little direct contact with.

Meet the YAC: Sheridan Sumouske

January 6, 2015

In the upcoming weeks you can get to know NYLC’s 2014 – 2016 Youth Advisory Council through the blog series: Meet the YAC. We believe you will enjoy getting to know this outstanding group of young people, just as much as we do.

Sheridan Sumouske, a junior at Pueblo West High School in Pueblo West, Colo., joined the YAC to continue to develop her spirit of service and her dedication to a life of making a difference and being a positive influence in her community. She has already established herself as an individual dedicated to service: in February 2014 she was awarded with a Certificate of Excellence and a President’s Volunteer Service Award by a panel of judges in the 2014 Prudential Spirit of Community Awards. Sheridan feels she really shines in advocacy and in the engagement of public officials. In 2013, she was officially recognized by Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper for her participation and project during Global Youth Service Day.


December 30, 2014

It has been a monumental year at the National Youth Leadership Council. We have celebrated our accomplishments and taken pride in the progress we've made towards our mission.

With the continued investment of long-time funders like the State Farm Foundation and UPS, and new funding from organizations like CS Mott Foundation, Richard M. Schulze Family Foundation, and The McCormick Foundation, NYLC is impacting the lives of thousands of youth and adults across the country and around the world. Every day we engage youth as leaders; providing opportunities for them to find and share their voice, to establish themselves in their community, and to play a meaningful role in transforming our world. 

Colorado High School Seniors Get. It. Done.

December 23, 2014

On November 13 and 14, more than 5,000 seniors from three Boulder Valley high schools conducted a mass opt-out demonstration against new state-mandated science and social studies standardized tests. In an open letter the seniors explained that their protest against the Colorado Measure of Academic Success (CMAS) was in no way attempting to undermine the learning environment.

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